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   School of Software is one of the first software school models in Jiangxi Province

   The School implemented a reform on “software engineering + application background” interdisciplinary personnel training mode in 2007 and was approved to set up Jiangxi Personnel Training Innovative and Experimental Zone in 2009. At present, the School opens up “3+1” and “2+1+1” school-enterprise classes with Jiangxi Strong Digital Technology, Beijing Chuanxi Education, Shanghai Briup, Shanghai Newtouch, Hangzhou xQuant and other nationally renowned software companies and sets up enterprise scholarships. The highest annual salary in employment agreements for software engineering graduates is over RMB 200,000 and more than 40% graduates receive an annual salary higher than RMB 100,000 in the employment agreement.

   The School now has 81 faculty and staff among which 55 are full-time teachers (5 professors, 13 associate professors, 22 doctors, 1 national outstanding teacher and 1 national outstanding instructor). It also hires a group of part-time corporate teachers and foreign teachers with abundant teaching and hands-on experience in teaching and instruction. With focus on building of professional teacher team, the school makes great endeavors to build a “dual professional” teacher team with excellent teaching techniques and outstanding engineering background by combination of introduction and development.

   The School offers both first-class master's degree programs and Master of Engineering programs in software engineering. It has several scientific research platforms such as Jiangxi Information and Industrialization In-Depth Integration & Cooperation Research Center, ECJU Information Security Research Center and Peace New Technology Research Institute, which serve as superior platforms of experiment and training for teaching, scientific research and social services. The school has established strategic cooperation relationships with famous software companies and jointly set up more than 20 training and internship bases.

   In recent years, it receives a batch of technology projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China, Jiangxi Natural Science Foundation, Jiangxi Technology Support Plan, Science and Technology Plan of Jiangxi Department of Education, key research and industrialization program of Nanchang Department of Science and Technology, and corporate horizontal cooperation subjects bringing discipline construction to a new level, along with an increase of academic papers, teaching materials and monographs both in quantity and quality

   On the new path of “freeing minds, deepening reform and opening up schooling”, School of Software will definitely keep going towards the objective of becoming one of the first-rate schools in region with national influence on the basis of integrated communication and software.

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